The work I do is about bringing people back to their light, connecting them to their truth and developing their own trust in life and its discoveries. The only truth I walk towards is the Divine Knowledge and this lies within all of us. All I do is guide others back home, to remembering who they truly are.


Do you feel that a part of you is missing? Are you constantly chasing an unfulfilled life, the dream of Society? Are you stuck in old emotional stories? Do you know what living in your past does to your life?
For any human not been raised authentically as the spirit that they were born to be, then yes of course you will feel that something is missing. You may not be able to identify that you are in search or are yet to discover that part of yourself.
However it is known that your internal world of reality is most likely not matching the external world of your existence.




holds you hostage to the emotional addiction of your past, repeating your stories and creating your future based on your past.


has been ignored and we have been taught that it is voodoo to connect and trust your spirit, your intuition, the very essence of your being. And that’s the reason why we all feel like something is missing. The difference is they keep selling us ideas on what happiness looks like as apposed to how it truly feels. And we keep chasing the idea and the emptiness.


has been programmed to abuse it. Selling us alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pharmaceuticals dependency all in the name of profit. The body should be respected for its natural intelligence, once you tune into it.


has been disillusioned with a programming that does not serve us for an abundant and free life. It is a consumption of a life created to control the masses, through religions, hierarchy, media, democracies and  technology. We were born free thinkers.


“I would like to express my gratitude to Donna for the help and guide that she gave to me. She helps me to see my problems from different perspective and be positive, she guides me how to treat and love my self, to be confident and to be the best version of me. She provided me with tools to open up and face my limiting beliefs, so i can move forward instead of belittling my self. I never thought that one person can help and give impact this much in my life.”

Rivan, 29 years old, Indonesia

“There are people the universe puts in your way who completely shake up your perception of things. Donna is one of those. She paved the way for a one-way trip to becoming myself. Disassembling with a delicate power the tricks my ego is playing on me. She now accompanies me with patience and kindness on the path that is mine. Thank you.”

Mathilde, 28 years old, France

Donna is an amazing person who inspires to choose the bright side, to be the light, to be better version of yourself and actually becoming yourself, by bringing this light, joy, happiness and much much more. What I really love about her therapy is that she’s real and she shares everything she knows and let you choose what suits you. She helps to find the way back to yourself and she supports you all the way. To work on MYSELF with Donna is such a wonderful adventure with so much support, guidance, love, clearance and motivation. And what’s the most important thing for me is that I feel very safe to be in this process with Donna.  Personally I was always sure that I can deal with all my traumas, problems, insecurities, fears, sadness, loneliness by myself. But it’s never worked. I was fine for a little while and then this huge wave of all these crazy feelings inside of me would always come back. But since I met Donna, who guide me through this process I feel more and more better, I feel more and more release and I feel that I’m not suppressing all these negative feelings but I’m actually letting them be and letting them go. After every session I feel more centered, connected to myself, forgiving myself and others, I feel lighter and happier every time. And it feels SOOOO GOOD! Sometimes it’s painful , sometimes it’s hard but that’s where Donna comes and helps me the most, to go through this. I’m very grateful that I met her, and I’m very grateful that I chose HER to help me to become better version of myself and actually to become MYSELF.”

VAVLYA, 25 years old, Russia

Donna has helped me immensely through my constant life long battle of depression anxiety and drug abuse. I have been clean for a while now but anyone that has suffered from an addiction knows the substance abuse once stopped doesn’t end there, there are many other factors to deal with as repercussions of our actions. Donna has helped me deal with major panic attacks extreme anxiety and depression. I still to this day use her as a point of call if I’m having a bad day or struggling with life in general. She helps me focus, breathe and get in tune with my inner self and thoughts to Better understand my feelings and a Way to cope with uncomfortable circumstances. Donna is An oracle Truely life saving human.”

Chantelle, 36 years old, Melbourne


How do our sessions happen?

Our sessions are pre booked, 1 or 2 weeks in advance. We communicate via skype or whatsapp for our coaching, mentoring and pellowah energy sessions. In between communication can be done via email for updates, questions or planning discussions.

How will I know I need a life coach?

When you are no longer coping with your reality and life is just not giving you the results you want. You might just need someone to navigate a big change or decision, life is overwhelming you, you are mentally stuck in negative talk and ideas, you are not coping with the stress, your binge eating and can’t stop, you need more vitality, or you want to find a new career and don’t know where to begin.

How do I make payments?

Options of payment are bank transfer (Australia), PayPal and or cash if in person. Payment must be made before session accept if paying in person on the day of session.

Can I pay sessions in advance?

Yes of course you can pay sessions in advance. This is totally optional and also will save you on transfer fees.

How often is a session required?

Dependent on the fragility of your situation and also the support needed. Some clients have 2 sessions a month, others 3 and some 4 times a month for a short period. This is optional and at the clients discretion.

How long do I need to have coaching for?

Some clients will have short term goals and others longer; it should be no longer than 12 months.

How long does a session take?

Mind Coaching – 1.5 hrs
Mentoring / Energy moving / Breast Cancer recovery – 1hr
Pellowah Energy Healing – 1hr (15 min chat / 45 min energy healing)

If I finish sessions, can I contact you for any problematic moments that arise in the future?

Of course I am available for a one off session and ongoing sessions.

What is my role as a coach/ mentor?

I am your support and listener. I hear all the things that are not said and help you to identify where your real blocks lie. From there we will design a plan of how to take you from where you are to where you want to go providing you with insights, tools and feedback. With coaching we endeavor to change someone’s inner map of reality. You will be made accountable for your actions moving forward.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot change your life or situation only you have the power to do so, I am the one holding the space for re invention, new perspective, tools and guidance. The change comes from the action you take.

What is the difference between a life coach and other traditional therapies?

Traditional therapies emphasize past and present where coaching works on the present and future evolving and manifesting potential in an individual. Life coaches see you as a whole; not broken or wrong; it’s simply a matter of finding strategies that will produce you the results that you want.


As a coach I will maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client’s information. Unless a client requests disclosure of any information regarding their working progress no information will be given to any third parties. Even the names of my clients are confidential unless the client gives permission to mention his or her name.
As a professional coach I do not break the law for any client. I do not act as accomplices to any clients illegal activity.


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