Peers Light in the Darkness

By December 20, 2018 November 15th, 2019 2 Comments

There came a point in my meditation recently when I felt this complete blissful feeling throughout my body. Every cell of my being felt like it was floating in love and light, the most heavenly and overwhelming experience in my 8-year process. My mind reached a state of complete emptiness, so free and disconnected from the physical realm of the world, I knew I connected to something far greater, that I was floating in the divine energy, the only place that could make me understand what Jesus meant when he said “heaven is on earth”. A true blessing to reach such a height of purity, an eternal emptiness of being in the unknown. And here lied an undeniable trust of nothingness, but everything, it all made sense, we are ALL as One connected to the Devine Source, the heavens, God.


  • Anonymous says:

    where did you learn to meditate ?

    • Donna says:

      Along my 8 year journey of experience and learnings, I formulated a meditation to quieten the mind. It is based on some very simple starting techniques between breathing and learning to control your thoughts.

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