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Shift in your Identity

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True transformational change is a shift in our identity. It is the integration of a new learnt behavior adopting all physiological characteristics attached to the behavior to support the shift. That means we will, act differently, feel differently and think differently.

Today I learnt from a webinar with Margaret Moore, the three different levels of transformational change:
1: You learn something new
2: You have a shift in your perspective
3: You have a shift in your Identity

During my eight year learnings, experiences and teachings of life change I knew that timing was everything. That even though you may consciously understand new information it did not mean that you were living what you now knew. Transformational change is a process, one that seemed to have its own concept of time and sometimes I found this part most frustrating until I learnt how to accept and surrender. Two power tools that assists with going through the process.

Science shows that the brain can only create 1mm of neural network a day. That’s why immediate change does not happen overnight and it is an ongoing process. Of course, today there are many advanced methodologies available to assist with the process of changing your mindset and understanding the control you have to nurture these stages.

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