Dark Forces

By January 3, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

The current happenings in my surroundings are showing signs of the Devine light breaking through dark forces that have held us human’s hostage, feeding our ideals, our ego’s and our disillusions. Just over the past few days I have witnessed the desperation, pain and sufferings of people trying to make sense of their beliefs that right now have been challenged. Tearing down the very foundations of their beliefs system, leaving them in desperation fighting for something that validates their existence even if there is no substance or true meaning behind. This fear of emptiness and having no meaning to their lives keeps them in a vulnerable position desperately trying to hold on to what they know to be their truth but really how TRUE is it?

As a witness and once upon a time a victim of the same low vibration, life as we know it, was not the life that was intended for us beings. Tainted by the choices of history’s evolution and the ignorance to ignore the dark forces that lured around we slowly began to detach from the Devine light within us, within the human spirit. And this today is starting to show up more and more in each individual that suffers from the detachment of hope, from trust and from faith.

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