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Disillusions that Get the Better of Us

By January 7, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

Today’s meeting with a friend made me reflect on the the disillusions that get the better of us, the frustrations we encounter without realizing the impact of our actions. Sometimes we are blinded with the notion of what we are trying to achieve without paying attention to what’s behind our intentions. If we are coming from a place of wanting to achieve a certain goal, there is more to it than just setting a plan without acknowledging your true intention behind. What this means is a surfaced solution may seem like the right idea as you have understood your needs and the outcome you wish to achieve. But sometimes as we know this can tend to backfire, causing you frustration and confusion, leading you to create some kind of understanding that does not hold you responsible for the unfavored outcome received. This is a disillusioned concept that you are unintentionally hiding behind. When we are not fully aware to recognize our truths we can convince our self and shift our focus outward blaming the 2nd party and their reactions to ease the ego instead of looking inward to see what our acts were really trying to achieve. A true intention requires you to be honest with yourself and to find a suitable solution to compliment the outcome desired.

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