Esalen Style Massage

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I was given a gift to experience a 2-hour massage that was organized for me at my home in Bali. The only thing I was told was that it was a very special experience. WELL, over my 13 years of living in Indonesia, I have had, let’s say my fair share of experience with massages, however this was my first experience with Komang Swarsana, in Esalen-style, an experience of a lifetime, a massage that combines Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, blend of Hawaiian, Thai, Yoga.

For those who are not familiar with this style, it comes from California and Komang trained with Ellen Watson. He has worked in Turkey and taught in Japan, and for now he resides back in Bali.

Now I gather you cannot imagine what this massage must feel like or look like and your right! You cannot imagine you Just have to try. I mean I usually fall asleep in 5 minutes of a massage but this time I was awake for the 2 hours, I felt so connected to my body, my mind was floating and I felt my veins unblocking, like they were stretching and at times I felt an electric vibration through parts of my body.

WOW, an incredible experience!!!!!!!

Komang Swarsana (+62 878 6581 6367)

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