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Why is it we Know Everything and Do Nothing

By February 4, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

How many times do you catch yourself saying the words “I know”, “I know”, “I know”? But have you ever stopped to wonder what “I Know” actually means when you say it. Are you saying you know to validate that you are not ignorant, or to convince yourself because you know that’s good enough no action is required, or to show others that you’re in the know, that you have awareness….. I want you to actually catch the next time you say these words and to try identify exactly what meaning is hiding behind this for you.

Yesterday I was chatting with a very dear friend who has been struggling with alcohol over the past 2 to 3 decades. She is highly successful in business, has an extremely kind heart, wonderful friends and jet sets around the world when she wants. However, she is conditioned to a lifestyle that holds her hostage and drives her to drink to escape the stresses of her lifestyle. Her drinking began socially and over years has escalated to her escapism, her check out point.

During our conversation she mentioned that after 8 months of no drinking she just started again and feels like she is falling back into the pattern. As we spoke every time I commented or suggested an idea or even just words of self- love all I heard was “I know”, ” I know all this”.

Now here is a woman who knows that what she is doing only hurts her and is dangerous yet she struggles to do the right thing for herself…

We need to wake up and stop looking to know but start living through discovering the unknown. With today’s technology we tend to know a lot more about everything, without experiencing or going through nothing. All our answers are at our fingers tips and the moment we read information our mind becomes complacent in just the knowing and this is the reason we get stuck in life, stuck in destructive behaviors.

The mind requires a connection to the body and spirit in order to really understand and to really “know” the value behind the lessons that we experience. It is this disconnection of our body mind and spirit that paralyses our actions. Today’s information is the quick fix to understanding, but it is only in the action we take that will lead us to the trueness and freedom of our birth rights.

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