Say A Little Prayer for Me

By February 6, 2019 November 15th, 2019 2 Comments

Today in a few hours I have a biopsy for a new lump discovered in my right breast last June 2018. When I originally found out this news I was already back in Indonesia which is where I reside. With this news I was back to where I was in Nov 2016 when I had a mastectomy on my left breast. Between then I had changed a lot of things in my life, did a lot of research about cancer and planned to take a holistic approach to begin cleansing and detoxing my body within.

During my time of the mastectomy and receiving the news in 2018 June I had delayed this detailed detox journey as my 8-year-old son was going in for surgery for a leg extension of his left femur. Sometimes life can confront you with many priorities that all seem equally important, however without your health nothing else will matter in the end.

So when I received this news of my new lump last June, I knew in my heart that I had not yet learnt the true art of self-love.

Now I had no time to ponder but needed to take immediate action. Instead of flying back home in fear to receive medical treatment I found my holistic guide who took me on a deep cleansing and detoxing journey to clean the cause of this cancer and to strengthen my immune system before heading back home to receive any further assessment.

It has now been 8 months since I found out that my cancer has returned and today I have the biopsy. I ask anyone who reads this to say a little prayer for me.


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