Child Self Awareness

“I Am Bored”

By February 19, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

How many times do you hear the younger generation say “I am bored?” Today’s world has us running, distracting us with empty quick fixes, alluring the young, influencing their desires, selling them superficial ideals, feeding their impulsions and leaving them with an emptiness, a void.

The pace of the world doesn’t allow or promote self-love. Now you may be thinking what does self-love have to do with boredom?

Well let me share with you, there were times in my days when I was just surviving life with self-destructive behavior. During these years of not knowing how to love myself, I lost value in life, I lost my integrity and everything became boring, uninteresting and dull. It all was stemming from how I felt about myself. Now instead of looking inside myself I was waiting for the world to give me what I thought I needed, but all I got was a superficial reaction, as long as your beautiful life is Wonderful….Well so they think?

I remember arguing with the universe and telling them “there is no way I can do another 40 years of this life”. I was already so exhausted and so done with the same conversations, same jokes, same highs, same lows, same feelings, same sorrows, same reactions and same behaviors. Everything was on repeat!!!!! and nothing interested me, even if things were good in my life I couldn’t connect to them. I was totally disconnected.

This was the moment when my life changed. I was the change I needed to see and that’s when I discovered the power of self-love.

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