Conscious Choices


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Discipline is something that a lot of us lack today. Even though we walk around feeling heavily burdened in life or are just existing, this is still not a good enough reason for us to do something about it. We have conditioned ourselves to endure suffering, pain, anguish without even realizing, we have learnt to accept that is life, that’s how it is. Somehow it just seems easier to stay in a rut regardless if its positive or not.

Majority of people don’t like the idea of restrictions; I know that I rebelled against commitment. I really thrived on the idea of freedom of having choices but little did I know that freedom was far from what I had.

What I had was a sentence, a life sentence that stopped me from truly living. My disillusions made me believe that I had choices not in changing my life but in managing it with very toxic behaviors. To me this was normal and I learnt to master this deeply hidden depression with a mask of success according to the world.

Well, it was only when I decided that I was desperate for change that I started to practice discipline.

Discipline is not something you are born with, it is a practice, it is something that you have to physically show up for, it is an action that you take. An act of practicing, it is about doing a new behavior instead of just knowing, it is about sitting still for 5 mins a day, that is good for your well- being, generally we already know what we need to do.

It’s the discipline we are lacking!
If you are waiting for discipline or are convinced you are not disciplined, there is hope yet. All you have to do is take action, that is all that is required. What helps me is not to think about the action I have to take but to just do it!!!!!

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