Conscious Choices

Beliefs Versus Intuition

By April 24, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions that may compromise everything we believe in because something within us is trying to tell us something more. It is that inner feeling that may be very faintly felt, it is that distant knowing, better known as our intuition.

How often do you catch yourself with an internal conflict between what you believe to what you intuitively feel to know? Throughout our early years of life, we were never taught to trust our intuition nor explained the value or importance to channel into this.

Instead we learned behaviors and develop our sub conscious filter system from ages 0-7, that influence us for the rest of our lives. This filter structure is developed by our family history through cultural beliefs passing on from generations to generations, family patterns whether healthy or not, family value systems, religious beliefs whether we agree or not, teachers, friends and environmental influences.

Then we walk through life making decisions thinking this is what we want, this is what is best for us and we never really understand why we are left feeling unfulfilled, disconnected, anxious, depressed or even unaware of how we really feel.

After ignoring all the warning signs of your instinctual intuition and decades pass you wake up one day lost and so far away from your truth that some of us don’t even realize and others find an opening to begin their journey of self-empowerment. Waking up to your inner voice, your truth, reconnects you to your innate intelligence, the universal intelligence our connectedness to everything.

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