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The Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health, by Mark Bunn nicely reminds us of the simplest ways for us to immediately improve our health, energy levels, weight and vitality. The human race has drifted from the common basic laws of nature. Nature that was intended to work with us, providing us with food, medicine, sun, water and air. Our biological body clocks were designed to work in rhythm with nature.

The reason we suffer with so much disease, obesity, stress, depression and the list continues is due to the fact that human intelligence became corrupt with power, money and greed and from there it escalated away from the truths and the core fundamentals that keep us healthy in body, mind and spirit.

“The Ayurvedic sages detailed exactly how Mother Nature’s unseen intelligence expresses itself in the cycles and rhythms of life through what’s known as the dosas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha”.

If you would like to see an immediate change in your vitality, energy, weight and health here are a few tips that will connect you back to nature’s basics.

With a little dedication and self-value these 5 points below can begin increasing your quality of life immediately. Of course you do not need to do this religiously but if you can balance 80% you leave the 20% for other pleasures that is also extremely important to your overall wellbeing.

• eat your heaviest meal at lunch time
• meditation / grounding / connecting
• light exercise or movement
• light meal for dinner by 6pm
• bed time 10pm – 10.30pm

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