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Words that become your Mantra

By July 17, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

Our daily language whether it is internal dialogue, spoken or written words make us slave to our behaviors, restricting us from experiencing new and more desirable results. Words and thoughts have the same impact and effect on us than that of a mantra that we use in a meditation.
A mantra is used in meditation to help us to focus only on the words and its vibrational effect it has on our body. Its repetitious use is to steer the mind away from busy thoughts and directs us back to our centered self. When practiced daily the mantra eventually brings the mind into a transcendent state, stillness. Of course the Sanskrit meaning has a self-empowerment effect.
I use this example to highlight the power of our daily unconscious language spoken. If you start to pay attention to your daily use of language, notice the messages you are sending out pay attention to both your words and internal dialogue. You will notice that you are receiving everything you think and speak, you are calling in the results that you are receiving!
Is your programmed language and thoughts stopping you from true expression, are they deterring you away from saying what you really want and stopping you from living the life you LOVE!

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