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Scarcity-Based Thinking

By July 18, 2019 November 15th, 2019 4 Comments

Thinking with scarcity is to be in desperation, fear and self-doubt. I know life sometimes brings us to challenging situations where we get ourselves into a corner of just needing the common basics for survival or wanting more in our work, finances, love life or personal lives. Wanting more is not the problem, it is how we are going to achieve fulfilling this more is where we need to pay attention.

Our unconscious mindset sometimes makes us believe that we are not enough because we fail to pay our bills or achieve that more that we want in our lives. But what we are failing to understand is that it is our scarcity of thinking that is limiting our abundance in life. If you are living without abundance right now, I want you to pay attention to your thoughts, words and choices that are influencing your actions. If they are driven by short term fixes, surrounding fear, self-doubt and desperation then you are definitely not open to even receiving abundance or that more to life you are wanting.

Gratitude for the smaller details of life will open you to a universe of abundance. Remember the universe does not know the world of scarcity, it is human conditioning that has taught and decided who is valuable enough to live with abundance. What we all need to know is that abundance is for everyone, all you have to do is monitor your scarce thinking, release your fears, accept where you are today and know that this is a moment in your journey where you will build integrity the very core value that is full of abundance. Open your eyes to your lessons, be true and honest to yourself and stop waiting to live with abundance, but walk it, live it, breath it and be it!!!!!!


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