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a little too Late

By July 24, 2019 November 15th, 2019 2 Comments

How many times have you missed an opportunity of experiencing a new turn in your life because you get caught up in the moments of your everyday program where there is no space or time allowed to actually live the new experiences but to keep replaying the old records. We constantly ask aloud with our words what we want, we repeat them like mantras, “I need this to happen”, I really need this or that” “I really wish life was…” “ I am waiting for this, so I can do that….”  and the list continues.

We don’t sometimes realize the power of our words because when what we ask for shows up in real life, we miss the sign that instinctual knowing and react either in fear, desperation or with our limiting beliefs. It takes awareness and commitment to capture these life changing moments to grab the movement of opportunity for the new, because we are so caught up being driven by what we know and not by what we want.

I understand that sometimes the signs are so clear but you aren’t ready to cease the opportunity so you go with what you’re comfortable with even if it doesn’t really serve the true outcome you want, just a temporary fix.

If you are wanting more adventure in your life then wake up, show up and react in courage. Your pre conceived ideals of knowing what you want and what it looks like can sometime show up in a camouflaged packaging as your learnings will always be the moments that take you by surprise, just be daring to show up and trust in the unknown this is when you experience true living…


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