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Your emotional guide system is your greatest and most reliable inbuilt system, alerting you when to reconnect to your inner being, inviting you to understand more about yourself, providing an opportunity to expand your limited perceptions, bringing you to new revolutionary breakthroughs, empowering your vulnerable moments of not just learning, but also helping you to be a conscious creator of your life!!!!

How else would we stay interested in this human experience called life? For me it’s only because I have learnt to embrace all emotional lessons that life has only just got interesting. I mean I was going round and round in cycles that never changed, however now nothing ever remains the same, because I don’t and that’s what we call the flow of life…

Intense emotions are to be welcomed because know that there is a great self-power to gain behind. If you shift your focus to embracing your learning and the challenges they bring you, you will start to know a new adventure of life.

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