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By October 7, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

Today I was very moved to witness an amazing mother with so much compassion and empowerment in her relationship with her 6-year-old boy that it really bought me a lot of joy. Parents who take the time to really understand the needs of a child today seems to be more of a gift than a natural instinct. With the pressures and conditioning of our external world parents are unfortunately not realizing that it is their children that are paying the price.

From working and mentoring the younger generation, I see the opposite of what I witnessed today. My experience tells me that our children need to slow down as do the parents. Our children are struggling with what is happening inside of them and have no idea how to express this so it shows up in a negative behavior.  

On the surface we are constantly compromising ourselves without consciously recognizing this and our children are just following the patterns. However, let’s remember that kids don’t have the maturity to compromise without the intense emotion that stirs inside so they need to release this in some way. Whether they kick, scream, demand or shut down these are signs that something is not right inside of them.

I say this without blame or judgement but as more of a message for parents to check in with yourself and take the time to observe your agenda when you are next around your child.

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