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Children who are Labelled

By October 28, 2019 November 15th, 2019 2 Comments

Children of today who are overcompensating through behaviours of over excitement, lack of focus, non-responsive to their environments, incapable of expression, nervous energy or highly sensitive are labelled as adhd or add or so on. Instead of understanding their needs, the world of today entitles children’s behaviours. We are falling for the excuses that make it ok because our children fit into a category that describes these behaviours. In place of, we should be paying attention to the cause of these behaviours and identifying that children are in need of help.

What kind of help do these children need?

They need help to understand what is happening inside of them, they need to be taught ways to help them be still and quieten their minds, they need guidance and support to build their confidence, they need someone to notice what they are learning to hide from themselves, they need parents to monitor the amount of information they are receiving, some need parents to become aware of the impact they are having on them, others need parents to own responsibility and to show up, whilst others need parents to pay attention and to slow down.

Through mentoring ages nine and above some of my kids have been given the label, the first thing I do is remove this label and give the child his / her freedom back to explore the truths of what is really happening inside of them. Through variable techniques and instruments of slowing these kids down, it’s amazing to see the pleasure these children have when they can identify a peaceful and happy state of being, once their little minds are calm. They go from being the hyper joker hiding their insecurities with charm and humour, whilst masking the truth of their fears and doubts of their identity, to being excited and happy beings. They are then in control of their needs and learn to nurture and empower themselves with guidance.

It’s only through bringing this stillness to their minds that identify where their true struggles lie. If their minds are overloaded with too much information that they are not mature enough to process, of course, this results in nervous energy, inability to focus, disruptive behaviours, insecurities, lack of belief, constant battle and of course resistance.


  • hell says:

    You made some really good points there. I looked on the net for more info about the issue and found most people will go
    along with your views on this website.

    • Donna says:

      Thank you for your feedback. This is a very sensitive and passionate topic for me. Empowering children is my life’s purpose!!!

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