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The Joys of Conscious Parenting

By March 4, 2020 No Comments

For the past 9 years I have entered the world of the awakening parent and it gives me great pleasure to share the light of this experience with you.

The other day my 10-year-old son was getting ready to go to his dad’s house. We just spent 4 wonderful days together, laughing, having fun and connecting from our heart center. As he was packing his school bag he says to me “mum I am going to miss your heart”. That was a melting moment for me, not only are they profound words but the sweetest compliment I have ever received.

You see when your able to enter into the world of your child with no judgements, labels or intention to control them, they feel you on a deeper level that creates a space of trust and love. Children are looking for a safe space to learn and explore who they are. Creating this playful loving and accepting environment makes them more receptive and in tuned with you as you are with them. It creates a loving foundation to develop and communicate with respect of each other and from here your child is able to learn without having to prove themselves to you.  In this space they hear you, respect you and listen to you.  It’s almost like they want to keep the harmony between you.

The joys of conscious parenting is the most rewarding experience and at the same time the most difficult of challenges. It will challenge every cell in your body down to each programming embedded in your veins, however I can only share with you the joys and the freedom it brings to both the parent and the child.

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