Conscious Choices

Fear Spreads Viruses

By March 13, 2020 No Comments

FEAR is an illusion of just another possibility, yet we spend a lot of energy and time investing in something that brings about no guarantees. What we don’t realize is, what this actually costs us as individuals as a whole and as a planet. This negative spread of fear weakens not only your immune system but contributes to the separation of humanity which ultimately leads to destruction of our planet.

Fear immobilizes you and your well-being just because the press has it owns agenda to control the masses.

The facts of the Carona virus are some people survived and others died, in perspective its 0.000052 percent of the population.

The media’s grip on how we feel and respond to situations is the real epidemic that we need to be aware off, fear is the biggest killer of ALL. This has already killed us in sprit and in health of how we feel daily.

We humans need to be aware of what is happening in the world, yes, but living like you are already doomed is a choice. We forget that life is a precious commodity that can be taken at any given time of the day. However, we do not choose to live like we are dying on a daily basis, so let’s accept the Carona virus as another flu. Yes, it can kill you, so the warning should be more about how to build your immune system and to nurture and make more conscious choices about your daily health.

There are lessons to be learnt, how you choose to see the event in front of you will either empower you or kill you is spirit to live freely.

This scale of Consciousness shows you that FEAR is the 4th lowest vibration of Emotion, so people lets rise together in conscious enlightenment!

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