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The Main 4 Mindful Practices for Kids

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  1. CONSCIOUS BREATHING: Helps to reduce immediate stress, calms the body and reduces anxiety, fear and a busy mind. It also strengthens the pre-frontal cortex, helping to regulate emotions, solve problems, make better decisions and be more attentive.
  2. BODY SCANNING: This helps your child to learn to connect to their body and to focus on the different sensations they experience. Learning to identify when you are holding stress or how to release an emotional charge, is self-empowering whilst developing the child’ resilience and awareness of their choices.
  3. EMOTIONAL AWARENESS: Learning about your emotional compass empowers self-development and stability to a child’s life. By understanding what is happening to you and your body when experiencing different emotions, brings deeper awareness to your true needs. It’s not about reacting and releasing its about identifying what your needs are and how to communicate them.
  4. SELF LOVE/SELF VALUE: Learning to accept oneself and teaching them how to be centered. Focusing on who they are and build their confidence to develop through self-awareness. I AM ENOUGH

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