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Day 16 – Self Empowerment

By April 3, 2020 No Comments

Now that you have learnt to self soothe, then the next level is to begin the inner child healing process. You see the wounds and unmet needs of your childhood haunt you daily with your emotional triggers from the outside world. These old memories and feelings have not been heard, dealt with or nor have they lived freely, instead they have been buried and hidden so no one can see them. As a child we dealt with our environments the best way we knew how and we developed survival mechanisms to get us through situations of disappointment, pain, suffering, sadness and the list continues. No one nurtured these emotions so we did our best to cover up or made up stories that best suited us to feel better at the time. But today we are still paying for it, not until we the adult child begin the inner child healing process.

  • Speak to your inner child who is experiencing this emotion
  • Ask him/her questions about why they are feeling this? What do you need to know?
  • Then reassure them you are going to take care of them now, that you are in charge and everything is ok.
  • Begin the healing process

Emotional transparency frees your captivity!!!!

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