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What are you Avoiding?

By May 13, 2020 No Comments

“What are you avoiding today?”

It is important to ask yourself questions, especially the difficult ones that maybe a little more confronting, the ones that hide in the background that you convince yourself they are not so important right now. Maybe they are going to cost you too much effort or you already gave up hope.

Today my question was about matters of my heart. I have for a very long time, convinced myself that relationships were not really for me, that they didn’t really interest me, well not in the traditional form anyway. So as I was watching a heartfelt movie, this seemed to have moved something deep within me, something that I have been learning to live without. Why? Because it was easier to convince myself that relationships limited couples, well for me they did. I was always expected to fit into some main stream happiness and that be it. But for me I was not capable, so I decided love and romance was something I could achieve through life without a partner. But that’s not so true because when I watched this film, I connected to the deep emotion shared between 2 people and I felt a tingle of want.


Lesson: Limited beliefs only block your ideals of happiness, I for example was focusing on what I didn’t want and now shifted to what I do want.

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