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How Important Is It?

By May 15, 2020 No Comments

I learnt today whilst wishing a dear friend in Morocco happy birthday. I asked her if the house staff had wished her and made her a birthday cake. I met the staff 2 months ago when I went to visit and she told me that the girls don’t celebrate or believe in birthdays. I found it a little strange and asked why? She replied  that they do not know nor have records of when and what date they were born, no birth certificates so they don’t know the details of their birthdays and never celebrated.

I mean think about what this would mean to you, how would you feel about this? We are all so dependent on facts and proof of who we are , where we come from and our age, but how many of you would feel lost with no exact birth date and how many of you would feel a sense of freedom from this notion?

Interesting, how important is it????

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