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Suffering versus Learning

By May 16, 2020 No Comments

When I was a young girl, I remembered that before I closed my eyes at night, I would look back at the events that happened that day. I would reflect on the events and I would observe myself and how I was responding to the world. I remember that I would always see in which areas of life I could improve or where I could of  done better. I looked at whom inspired me and why, I use to observe others to learn from them. I did this to develop myself. I came from a troubled home so I needed to learn life skills, I needed to educate myself through learning and I needed to learn how to become the women I wanted to be. In my every day life I observed details of those around me and what I traits I liked and then integrated them into my being.

I distinctly remember there was one girl in the office I was working in at the time whom I use to admire a lot because I valued her education and her eloquence when she spoke.  I use to learn as much as I could through listening to her from a distance. There was  one day when she had a negative attack on me, she was feeling threatened because she was insecure about her weight, so she had some jealously towards me. I understood her position because I was very fit and dedicated eating well, so I knew how she felt. But when she verbally attacked  I explained to her that we all have something that others don’t and that’s ok. We shouldn’t have to make others suffer for what we want however we can certainly learn from each other and rise together. She was quite surprised to hear that she inspired me through listening to her speak and that I valued her smartness. I explained I didn’t come from an educated background but instead of me being jealous of her that I chose to learn from her.

Thought: You can choose to suffer what you don’t have or you can learn and empower yourself?

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