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Does having Fun mean you need to Suffer?

By May 18, 2020 May 20th, 2020 No Comments

How many of you have learned the concept that to have fun means to endure suffering. For 2 decades I suffered this very notion that having fun, equals feeling pain. It was an early in life learnt behavior that kept me in an illusion to have fun came at a price. And boy did it ever.

Self-destructive behaviors are at the very bottom of the consciousness scale, driven by guilt and blame an energy cycle that keeps you in a low vibration of resistance. Actually it is a disillusioned concept that you hold onto as your truth accepting that this is you are.

You tell yourself that it was fun, because you were detached from your real life from the true realities of what you are living and feeling. This idea of fun takes you to an altered space of freedom and worth well at least a false version of it, because it the ego’s way to feel empowered.

Self- destructive behaviors are not fun, they are painful. You just don’t realize or have awareness of how much pain you are really in. Becoming immune to pain means you are altering your state of body-mind-spirit because you are lacking self- value and self-worth. That punishing yourself and calling it fun, has now become your normal.

Note: When you raise your vibration through letting go the resistance, then your life begins to change.

How to Let Go: Sit for 5 mins a day and focus on your breath, deep breaths in and out all the way to your stomach region.

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