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Its All In The Music

By May 19, 2020 No Comments

Music and the trance of vibration it adds to your life?

Some food for thought: Music is something we all have lived with and live for. It brings joy, sadness, expression, creativity, silence, bewilderment, talent and is an endless journey that helps you to determine and distinguish different  events in your life. It is a mainstream outlet that impacts the human race on a very deep and unconscious level. We find music that resonates with us that we connect too, whether we are in positive or negative spirits there is music for all moods.

But how many of us are aware that music is a trance of vibration that can hold you in a low or high vibration dependent on what you are listening too and how often. The lyrics of songs can catch you off guard and if regularly played  they become like a mantra that gets repeated and begins to reprogram your brain.

In my childhood I experienced a lot of sorrow and in my teenage years I listened to a lot of very depressing songs that kept me comfortable in my sorrow. They really spoke to my sadness so I listened to  them repeatedly. I was not at all aware that they were not helping my situation because  it felt so comforting.

Alert: Love the music, but just be aware of lyrics and pay attention to how often you play a song that may not be a high vibration.  It’s great to listen to music because you like it but just stay aware and keep it limited if the lyrics and feeling of the song is negative or low in vibration. Pay attention if it raises you on a positive level.


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