The greatest practice to learn in spirituality is to sit with yourself and observe what is happening? We all pay a lot of focus on learning more and doing more to learn more but how many of us remember to just be with yourself and observe. External information and different modalities are great tools to give you a boost or a head start but we all must remember that we are our own master. You must go inward to come out.

This morning was a great example for me. On Sunday, I consciously decided to go deeper within myself, the power of intention is how I manifest things to happen. I mediate on it and then I let it go, like it has already happened. Then this morning I woke up with a heavy feeling in my chest area, like a burdened heart. I went through my usual practice and then I sat back to observe my heart and what questions were blocking it.  I channeled into the pain and 2 questions popped up, that followed by tears. I had a good cry and released the burden from my heart, that bought a sense of new FEEDOM and POWER to me. As now I know where my focus need to be right  now!!!!!!

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