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Emotional Eating

By May 23, 2020 May 25th, 2020 No Comments

Emotional eating helps us to fulfill a void of emptiness, It comforts us in that vulnerable moment,  of a need not being met . Some of us may not be aware that when we are bored, sad, angry, frustrated or emotional we look for a way to make ourselves feel better and sometimes we start turning innocently to eating something yummy. Something that releases the happy hormone dopamine.

Now in that very moment this may help you to feel better and may deter you from what you were really experiencing. Still your need has not been met but you have now temporarily pushed that to the side, it hasn’t been fixed it’s just been pushed under the carpet. If every time we begin to turn to something yummy to eat to escape our true experience in the present moment, this will soon become  habit that can and will affect your emotional state of being and your health.

Eventually the very thing that use to make you feel good will begin to have its reversed effect once you become a dependent emotional eater.

Note: Emotions are a blessing they alert you that you are not aligned with your needs, if we don’t fear them and don’t try to fix them we can learn to observe them and see what they are telling us! BREATH AND OBSERVE…..

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