Life’s events can only create difficult and draining times in your life, only because YOU have resistance. I know this may not make sense to some of you because you can justify your actions and I too have been in your shoes.  But let’s just say there is another way for you to look at the challenging situation in front of you.  One that could bring a more positive response. What would that look like. I want you to try this, it’s not going to hurt you to try and please share with me in the comments, let’s have a look at what is behind your resistance!

Let me give you one of my examples: For years I focused on controlling my son, well I thought that was my job. I was responsible for his future so I had to make sure I covered all my fears of what might happen if he didn’t do as I asked. Now as reasonable as that sounds, it’s a parents job to make sure their kids follow the system.

So with this belief I failed to observe my son and who he truly  was. I insisted he followed the system and fought him daily to comply with these rules. But seriously all I was doing was creating  a monster. He rebelled, fought for his rights, he wanted to be seen, he wanted to be heard and he made parenting exhausting.

Finally I could no longer do this, it was too painful so I released my resistance and decide to create a safe space for my son to explore himself with healthy boundaries. I wanted him to discover and learn about himself through experiencing and guiding, but not through controlling or manipulating his spirit.

My relationship with my son today is about guidance through mindfulness. A safe space of LOVE is all a child needs in order to connect to their innate intelligence.

NOTE: I did have to do A LOT of work on MYSELF to get to this point! See the moment I stopped resisting I started healing what lied beneath all my fears and rules. I became a more authentic parent that my son learnt to respect over time.

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