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There is  a basic formula  that will transform your life from pain and frustration to a healthier and happier one.

  • are you getting enough sleep (even if its 15 mins earlier) it will make a difference
  • make a light food plan- decide in advance what you want to eat and shop for it.
  • Stock up on things that are good for you, veggies and grains, healthy snacks & blueberries
  • prepare things that are ready to go and to snack
  • Simmer 1 big pot of soup a week (great quick meal replacement)
  • plan 1 balanced and fresh meal per day and make it
  • Reduce your coffee
  • Reduce the news intake
  • Schedule free time to be with you every week – (small holes ) NOT NEGOTIABLE
  • be sensitive to what your body needs (ie don’t hold to go toilet, drink 6 glasses of water daily)

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