How many of you keep hiding behind excuses to the point that they are VALID and even to the point that you convinced yourself they are serving you. Let me give you an example, I had a very dear friend on the phone, as she was sharing she was yawning a lot and explained to me why she was so tired. Fair enough during the lock down she has had 2 little girls under the age of 6 to entertain, homeschool, cook, clean and so on. Now we know this  can be quite demanding, exhausting and frustrating. Many of us know the drill.

However she admitted that the tiredness was coming from the late nights of TV binging. Claiming it was her time out to tune off and chill out with no responsibilities. Now the idea of that sounds wonderful, because we ALL  deserve and need time out for ourselves to get lost In the  NOTHINGNESS.


Why can’t we not do exactly that but in a more positive, useful and revitalizing way, such as a cozy bath, 15 minutes on focused breathing, writing down or reflecting on what emotions you felt today and just sit with them or reading a book that feeds your soul and relaxes you.


Are the reason why your life is overwhelming because the choices you make are the results you get!!!!!



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