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The other day I was having a deep conversation with my sweet brother. We have a nice relationship, open and encouraging.  So we sharing about our lives and yes I have had a major transformational shift over the past 10 years and have just gone through 3 years of breast cancer (since 8 months all clear). So when my brother turns around to me and says “behind all of your meditating and clean ways of living, I want to know how you really are? I am concerned about you? Are you happy?”

At first his sweet gesture of concern took me by surprise. My brother felt that my new ways of happiness and living were masking my truth. That behind my meditation and waking up at 5.30am, eating healthy and nurturing my true desires was concerning. It was the contrary, my transformational shift in my identity taught me that happiness is just in the being and in this you have access to a limitless freedom that vibrates every cell of your body.

I mean go figure, how far away from the truth is Society?

I understand that my brother was use to me showing casing an external happiness, in drinking, being a socialite, popular, fun, vibrant, wild and free but that was a reflection of my then chaotic and disillusioned lifestyle.

It’s quite ironic that when I had more negative impulses and habits this was not a concern but now that I am living a fulfilled clean and healthy lifestyle others are now concerned for my happiness.


What a bizarre concept when you really think about it!!!!!

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