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To the highly sensitive souls out there, the ones that absorb energies around them constantly, the six sensory beings, the 5 sensory beings who want to tap into their 6 sense and to the empaths of the world that soak in the emotional state of other beings.

There are some very important points that you really need to know and pay attention too:

  1. You need to be aware that when you are always open to everyone’s energies, you are tapping into low vibrational frequencies that can elude you in the wrong direction and hold you hostage.
  2. Higher guides are there to help, but will never flatter your ego, claim your special or criticize others.
  3. Your Soul Body are your 7 chakra’s, the top main 4 are and the lower 3 relate more to the physical, emotional and intellectual.
  4. Connecting to your higher self, allows you to tap into higher vibrational frequencies, receiving intuitive messages of positive impact.
  5. Staying grounded through physical exercise (restores psychic clarity and expels accumulated energy)
  6. Eat healthy (common sense diet, fruit, veggies, adequate protein, wholes grains, no packaged or processed foods and 8 glasses of water daily)
  7. Get adequate sleep (even if 15 min more)
  8. Live by the spiritual law that everything in the universe is interconnected
  9. Meditation is best for Divine Guidance
  10. Learn to observe and not absorb – Detaching is empowering to you and others. It gives you greater clarity and expands your heart, staying connected to your higher self and you

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