This Is Me

You see people have always been naturally drawn to me. Wanting to share their problems, needing insight for a positive solution or needing me to help them in some way. I felt from a young age that my heightened empath abilities were a burden. At times, it caused me emotional distress – as I didn’t understand it then. It was later that I discovered it was a gift. Intended for a greater purpose which I was to realize, along with my innate ability to connect emotionally with others.

I was in the 12th year of my entrepreneurship venture as CEO of a highly successful events business in Bali when my inspiration for change arose. I had already achieved an elevated level of business success, conquered all the cultural challenges that faced me whilst living in a foreign country and adapted to Bali’s rhythm, when I realized that I had come to a standstill in life. During this period I had invested time in advancing my communication skills, understanding and enduring people’s needs, all experienced under a high level of stress, that just became part of my everyday life. The effects of my stress impacted my relationships, health, state of mind and my overall wellbeing. It was then that I was forced to act. The reality of these situations brought to life a journey of my self-discovery. Whilst I continued with the demands and stresses of my life style I also began learning how to have a relationship with myself.

Nine years later I am awakened… Fully awakened? Well let’s just say that every day brings me closer to where I am going. I have spent the last eight of those years dedicated to understanding the human experience through experiencing. I have let go of what I thought I knew and what I needed and began to embrace the ideas, the information and the feeling of what it was I was always intended to have.

Donna Joseph is an entrepreneur who has worked in the service industry of private VIP events, with a clientele of bankers, socialites and movie producers from LA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta. Events allowed Donna to exercise her natural attributes of understanding a client’s needs and earning their trust within a short period of meeting. Her dignified traits and passionate drive for excellence was the key to her success of her 12-year Event Management business. Donna’s ability to connect with people shifted to a more personal service, guiding her clients from living ordinary experiences to extraordinary memorable moments. She feels that she is finally where she was born to be, serving beauty to what matters most to her, people living their truth.

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Donna believes, to understand the real human experience is only through experiencing (for my story, click here). Through her own personal hardships, attending Al Anon group meetings and Co–dependency group meetings, Donna lived the experience. By completing workshops of breath work, family constellations and one on one’s in non-violent communication, Donna was able to expand on her knowledge. Immersing herself into studying to become a qualified Theta Healer, Pellowah and NLP Practitioner gave her the means to enhance her innate abilities. Over eight years this is how Donna’s expertise in coaching was developed. With this she added her own personal ingredients she used daily, including Ancient Eastern philosophies, emotional release techniques and meditation. Combining all her experiences and learnt knowledge, Donna has now developed a modality to teach others how to reconnect with themselves and how to experience a more authentic life. Her own troubled experiences were far from easy to overcome – Once she came through that moment of light, she realized only then, she was meant to pass this knowledge and experience to others.

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