Once we understand that we can change the outcomes and the results in our lives, is a moment when you decide to take responsibility for your actions and the influence you have on the outcome. This model will help you to develop a new behavior that will empower you to live with more integrity and is the beginning of the change you have been longing for.

Circumstance (the stimulus)
An outside event that triggers an internal response

An internal story, triggered by the external stimulus
(our sub conscious filter will delete, distort and generalize the story when stored into our minds)

In which we decide the feeling we attach to the story
(here we can automatically react to the trigger or take the time to gain perspective and then decide)

To how we respond to the feeling
(is it through repeated patterns or through creating new beginnings)

The feedback or reaction received from the action taken
(is this the same old response or the creation of a new behavior)

If you take responsibility for the TFAR you will begin to change your circumstance. You can control how you choose to see a circumstance; it is your new perception that will alter the reaction.