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As a result of mentoring and inspiring children, my youngsters have transformed negative behaviors into personal empowerment, others diagnosed with add learn how to slow down their minds and create calmness, some learn to communicate with words than just reacting whilst others master their internal emotional turbulence.

My passion to serve the younger generation stems from my very own troublesome childhood where there was no awareness of how to nurture my needs or better yet even acknowledge them. As I understand the pain and the suffering this causes later in life, I decided to dedicate my life to advancing, learning and researching techniques that have proven success with the kids I work with today.

The process begins with establishing a strong connection with the child that builds their trust and makes them feel safe. With my innate ability to emotionally grasp the challenges they are facing, these kids feel a sense of ease that opens them to allow me to guide them.

From there I enter into their world and together we begin to put things in order for them, guiding them to understand their emotions and bringing awareness to their bodily sensations. Once we are able to reach a level of communication and understanding, they become more receptive as things begin to make sense to them. My techniques will vary according to the needs of each child exploring different modalities that I have learnt and researched to bring about positive results.

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