People seek coaching because they want things to be different. They are looking for new skills to help navigate life changes, some people want more out of life – more peace of mind – more security – less stress – no anxiety – less confusion – more time – more fulfillment … whatever the reason is it all starts with a stirring of motivation. If you have a personal or professional goal, Donna has different resources to assist during your process and will design with you the most suitable plan that can include a combination of techniques. Donna’s client sessions can be conducted in person via internet, skype or phone from everywhere around the world. Whether it is an energy – coaching or mentoring session this does not change because of location. Donna’s drive for results supports your process with extra follow-ups, reminders and check ins to see how you are traveling.

Mindset Coaching

Transforming your breakdowns to breakthroughs; why not discover what holds you back, what gets in your way and mostly understanding that We all have a choice in how we feel and how we respond to ourselves and the world as we know it.  It is just a matter of knowing how your mind is working against you and not for you! These techniques will open you to a new understanding and new perspective offering the opportunity of a transformational change.


This method is your freedom of speech, how to differentiate your ego from your inner voice. How to become aware of your self-sabotage behaviors. Here I will create a safe space for you to express yourself freely, with no judgements or analyzing. This is about learning how to explore your inner most ambitions, how to connect to your innate intelligence, learning how to value your instincts and the signs you don’t pay attention too and mostly grasping the concept how to live more authentic experiences.

Energy Flow

Learning to move energy will first connect you to your power, discovering that you have the control to change how you are feeling. With the pressure and the speed of the world today it is imperative that not only mentally but physically important to learn how to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Better known to conserve energy and slow down your heart rate increasing intestinal and gland activity. Why is this important? Because we are now accustoming our bodies to live in fight-flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) releasing unhealthy chemicals in our body that is eroding our immune system, creating more and more disease in our bodies. Our fight-flight mode is only for emergency and shocks to the system not for everyday use to keep us charged to finish an endless to do list.

Pellowah Energy Healing

“A delicate word meaning a radical shift in one’s consciousness”

Pellowah is a energy healing working with a very delicate vibration that repairs you auric field, healing damages, feeing patters and revitalizing your life force with mental clarity and a sense of peacefulness. It re aligns your meridians and 12 strands of dna, making space for change and allowing the mind a chance for new movement and new perspective. Click here for more info

Breast Cancer Recovery

Your perspective and attitude plays a major role if not the most important role in how you choose to accept your situation and recovery. After my double mastectomy, I was eternally grateful for the mindset and power I had when going through these extreme times. Although I had faith in the medical world, I also had faith in the body’s innate intelligence to heal. This is when I tapped into the European Ancient Wisdoms. When you take the time to learn how your body was naturally designed to work and begin to feed your body-mind- sprit with nourishing foods, knowledge and simple well-being techniques you discover the power that lies within you to assist you through such extreme circumstances. We do Not need to like our situation but why not take the lessons as an opportunity of growth to connect to yourself on a deeper level.