I have been feeling amazing, I cannot believe the decisions I have been making and how much better I feel. I got rid of some people along the way and feel better for it. I just can’t believe how much you have guided me into helping me change my life, what a special gift you shared with me.

Katie 46 year, MelbFor a Mind coaching session

I’m becoming more open, honest and respecting my path and immersing myself in it with so much joy and zest thank you thank you thank you.

James H, 44 years of age, MelbourneFor Pellowah & Mentoring

I began aqua fit with Donna 2 years ago and have reconnected again. Her natural ability to see me deeply and clearly opened me to her trust and always leaves me wanting to learn more. Thank you Donna for teaching me how to love myself. This is not an easy journey but your knowledge and guidance is empowering.

Olivia, FrenchFor Mind coaching & pellowah

I have been working with Donna along my journey of consciousness. She has always managed to create a safe space for my emotional breakdowns but her skills lie in how she guides me to transform this into a positive way to identify what is really going on inside of me. Her mentoring and mind coaching techniques have really assisted my growth.

Jennifer, 61 years old, VictoriaFor Mind coaching & pellowah

I felt peaceful in my mind after a pellowah session. My follow up mentoring sessions with Donna always gave me a new perspective.

Valeria, BrazilFor a Pellowah

As a non-believer in gods or spirits I would like to share my healing experience with a wonderful lady named Donna. I lost my wife of 43 years to cancer only eight months prior and have since struggled to find a clear way forward. Having heard of natural healing and being a curious person I looked forward to the opportunity to experience it for myself. I know in my own mind that the healing session I had with Donna has helped me deal with my grief. Thank you Donna for an experience and I look forward to having another session.

Murray, 63 years old VictoriaFor a Pellowah session

Thanks Donna! I feel lighter... More empowered already. I haven’t done the breathing yet. But just letting what we spoke about run through me.

Sophie, 36 years, MelbFor a 1st mentoring session

Today I begin to walk with a new awareness, thank you Donna, for opening me and guiding me with your coaching abilities and your insightful knowledge. The grounding meditation you taught me really helps to set my day in the right mood.

Desiree 56 years age, MelbFor Mind Coaching & Pellow

I thought to be in control, being organized, not repeating my parent's parenting would mean I would be happy and complete. I was only tricking myself! Donna has me asking myself ... who am I and what makes me really happy? I have had 4 sessions and I am full of the wonder of what wonderful things are to come.

Dianne E 46 years of age, Melbourne VicFor Mind coaching & pellowah

After a pellowah session with Donna, I felt so good and so light after. I remember I dropped everything and felt an urge to be close to nature.....perhaps this was a clear vision of what I really needed and that was mainly to take time out for myself only.

Lara, 48 years old, BrazilFor a Pellowah

It was a new experience for me. As a first-timer doing pellowah, I was curious and I felt totally safe to have Donna guiding me.
After feeling relaxed and releasing the mind, I had a wonderful harmonious feeling. I felt full of energy and felt strongly the serene sense and insights of my life pointed to obtaining this inner harmony during the day. I started my juicing program instantly, left the red wine closed for a few days. Hopefully, I am having another session soon this week! Really refreshing and felt something shifted in me!

Simona T 48 years of age, SwitzerlandFor a Pellowah

Pellowah with Donna is a unique and amazing experience. It was so unique and I feel so good after that I wanted to do it again. The experience is always different but I would say that it brings me every time peace and clarity. It is the mix of two sensations Flying and being present. Being grounded and anchored and flying at the same time. Unique. Thank you Donna.

Geneviève, FranceFor a Pellowah