Pellowah is an extremely powerful energy vibration that shifts your consciousness, making space for change and allowing the mind a chance for the new movement and a new perspective. It unblocks and realigns your meridians (a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy is said to flow) giving you a start to new beginnings. Pellowah is a very delicate energy that clears your auric field, healing damages, freeing patterns and revitalizing your life force with mental clarity and a sense of peacefulness. It clears any mental/ spiritual/ emotional energetic blockage with the energy field of the individual.

  • who are a little stuck in life and are feeling restless and unsettled?
  • who are stressed and overloaded mentally and / physically
  • who wish to gain greater clarity and purpose?
  • who wish to release emotional/mental traumas?
  • who are going through low times in life and feeling depressed
  • who are low in energy and feeling drained?
  • who are in a self-destructive behavioral patters
  • who would like to feel a greater sense of well being
  • who would like to connect more to their Authentic selves.
  • who wish to expand their perception and have a more objective understanding and outlook on life.

Pellowah does not involve touch, it is a receiving of energy so therefore a client only needs to lie in a comfortable position between 45 – 60 minutes. Pellowah can be done in the presence of the practitioner or from long distance (different time zones) following a specific time set between practitioner and client. During the session, you may feel sensations of twitching muscles, tingling, lightness, a rumbling stomach or a floating sensation. After the session, you will often feel very relaxed. All these signs are very common and its also common to feel nothing, except for a little more relaxed. The physical signs do not determine the outcome of your healing as everybody’s reaction can be different. The pellowah energy will be working on a mental/spiritual level first and foremost, so at times it may not be as physically felt.

The pellowah energy continues to flow through even after the session, so in a matter of days, you may notice the changes or effects of how you feel.

From my experience, I feel that it is best not to talk about your experience of the session for at least 24hrs and allow it to work through you before trying to add words to the experience. We are limited creatures in understanding the power of this energy so it is best to leave the first 24hrs unspoken. After that you are free to share your experience and over a period of time will you understand the full effect of the session as it will unravel in different way over a period of time.

Before and after a pellowah healing it is advised that no substances are to be used 24hrs before or 24hrs after the session. The energy of the pellowah continues to work after the session so any interference with substances will affect the continuous flow.

My personal experience with pellowah shows the diversity of its effect. This energy has worked with reducing anxiety in autistic kids, freeing addicts with a new force of energy to make a change, reducing the nervous energy in young teenagers providing them space to be at ease, reconnecting others to themselves and the effects continue to grow. I guess depending on where you are at the time in your life the pellowah energy is a powerful source that will deliver you exactly what you need at the time of treatment. We do not direct the outcome but yet experience the gift it delivers.