Your Focus

Relationships (family-friends-significant others)
• Experience more emotional intimacy
• Learn to express your needs without feeling guilty
• Learn to have integral relationships
• Identify patterns that don’t serve you
Personal Growth:
• How to gain your power
• How to re align your values that are important for you
• To stop people pleasing
• Improve your self-esteem / confidence
• To align your needs with the rest of your life
• Experience more joy and fulfillment
Career / Work:
• Identify what your natural gifts are?
• Discover the ideal job/ career path
• Improve your current job/ career
• Identify what is not working for you
• Knowing your value
• Courage for something new
Emotional-Physical-Mental Wellbeing:
• How to lose weight and gain vitality?
• Rid of stress and anxieties
• How to cope with health issues (ie breast cancer)
• How to understand your emotions rather just reacting to them?
• Provide tools for you to gain control over your mind
• To understand why you binge eat